The Truth Hill University is an on-line Christian learning institution that aims to make the truth of God’s word known, by offering spiritual knowledge investments and mentorship programs aimed at equipping you to build and nurture a consistent, meaningful and successful walk with God. 
Truth Hill University offers a consortium of 6 programs classified as independent schools, offering certificate and diploma qualifications. Students can opt to study from our variety of programs. However, students cannot apply to study more than one program per time to ensure maximum concentration when enrolled in a course of study.

School of Depth is the preliminary certificate program of the university. It is a three month spiritual mentorship program that reinforces spiritual truths, causing participants to go deeper and have a beyond the surface knowledge of God, His word and His ways. It is a three module program of intense learning at the end of which students are given their project. This is the first course students are expected to take before they go on to the foundational certificate program.
School of Spiritual Development is the foundational certificate program of the university. It is a three month program perfect for new believers or mature Christians who want to have a grasp of the foundational doctrines of Christ which will ensure stability in spiritual growth and development. With three modules and a project, students who go through this program are guaranteed to have a solid foundation laid for their Christian Journey
The Graduate Diploma Program is a robust program for individuals who seek to be thoroughly equipped with all the necessary tools required to either build a thriving relationship with God, fulfill the call of God on their lives, build a vibrant prayer life, a successful marriage or enjoy a fulfilling christian experience. It is open only to students who have completed the preliminary and foundational certificate programs. The student can go on to select any one of the other programs being offered at the Truth Hill University, one after the other.

Vice-Chancellor’s Message 

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The School of Depth Mentorship program has blessed my life in so many ways. The God inspired teachings made me work on my shortcomings spiritually. I pray more with understanding, spend more time reading the Bible with purpose and also understand the need to meditate more on the Word of God. I am a better born again Christian and strengthened to complete the daily journey to perfection with Jesus Christ. Thank you Reverend Oyiks Alfred, Mrs. Antonia Oguntubi- my dear Academic Adviser, the team behind the scenes that God used to make it happen and my fellow mates. God bless you and yours more, amen.
Ibifuro Esua

I have been delivered from the strong desire to listen to worldly music. My spirit man naturally rejects that type of music. Second testimony is that I and my partner decided to keep ourselves pure till our wedding. We have restrained from sex since February and the beauty is that there hasn’t been an urge.


This journey has definitely been worth my while and I look forward to continuously growing and developing in the Spirit. I am thankful for Rev Oyiks Alfred, who was obedient to the call of God. I am thankful for the way the Word was shared; very “real” and practical. My sensitivity to the presence of the Holy Spirit is heightened and I’m excited about how my relationship with Christ is developing. I find I am much more aware of my actions and reactions as well as the motives behind my decisions.

Kankemwa S.

The School of Depth Mentorship program has been a blessing to my spiritual life. I have gone from being a quantitative Christian to a qualitative one. My focus has switched from the things that matter to me to the things that matter to God.

Abigail Morakinyo